For Sale Click here to see my excess single cards:  Sniders & Abrahams Ovals in beautiful condition.


Collingwood Football Club Cigarette Card Collection :
Is now sold as a whole collection. The details can still be seen on this site for your information.

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I Collect Cigarette Cards, Scanlens Cards, Football Cards, Swap Cards, Football Records (programmes), Badges and Bottle Tops.

Always looking for cards to add to my collection and pleased to assist if you have an enquiry.

mobile 0408501018

I collect Cigarette Cards, Post Cards, Bottle Caps Football Records Sporting Memorabilia and Coles Swap Cards, Woolworths Swap Cards, Playing Swap Cards & Bottle Caps and Tops & Sporting Memorabilia.

As my entire collection is stored offsite, I may take 24 hours to check if I need what you may have to offer.

If you would like to know more about me check this about me page

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